Welcome to use the high-speed cloud computing service provided by ToToTel, 1. Log in to the server management panel, panel URL: + Username: **** Panel password: **** *If your password is not synchronized, you can click: "Reset Panel Login Password"!
2. Debian/ubuntu system recommends reinstalling the system to obtain the SSH password of the VPS. For the CENTOS system, you can directly click Change to obtain the password (simple way: reinstall). After obtaining the password, check the VNC monitoring and decide whether to log in to the VPS after the system is fully installed; VPS server IP: +server login user name: root +server login port number: 22 +*server SSH password: it is the password you just obtained in the panel
3. Special remarks for tool software: (Xshell is a very professional software, including WINSCP software for file transfer), we provide you with the relevant software download address: Xshell green full-featured version (including file transfer function) download address: https://tototel.com/downloads/Xshell.zip WINSCP green full-featured software version download address: https://tototel.com/downloads/WinSCP.zip Unzip it to any directory and you can use it. Happy!

Friday, November 12, 2021

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